The Two Prongs of Custody

In Minnesota, custody is divided into two areas: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody determines where children will live day-to-day and when they will see each parent. Legal custody determines who gets to have input on important decisions in their children’s lives, on issues such as education, medical care and religious training. Once custody has been decided by the court, it is often very difficult to change it.

The Impact of a Custody Decision

Custody will not only decide how often you are with your children and what decision making authority you have, but also where your children attend school and how much is to be paid in child support. Clients often come to us indicating that they agreed to custody “at first” but that now want to go back and “change it”. That is never easily done and is often impossible. It is worth the time, money and emotional investment to pursue the custody arrangement you believe is in your children’s best interests the first time around.

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