Where Does the Money Go?

The purpose of child support is to help the other parent maintain things necessary for the children, such as housing, utilities, food, clothing and school items. However, the parent receiving the child support is under no obligation to use child support money in any particular way.

Determining a Payment Amount

Child support is based on the incomes of both parties and the amount of time each parent has the children in their care. Just because the parties evenly share parenting time does not mean that they must evenly share expenses or that child support will not be ordered. In addition to basic child support, most child support orders also require the parents to contribute to childcare expenses and medical insurance and expenses.

Public Assistance and Child Support

Receipt of public assistance by either party can also have a significant impact on their obligation to contribute to the support of children and can even result in one parent having no obligation to provide any support, leaving the burden of supporting the children on one parent.