What is Direct Adoption?

Adoptions that occur without foster care placement are referred to as direct adoptions in Minnesota. In a direct adoption, the birth parents, or the birth mother, selects a family or person to adopt a child before the birth of the child. Although many times the prospective adoptive parents and the birth mother are related or have a personal history, a direct adoption is still a complicated multi-step process.

Generally, the direct adoption process includes asking the court to grant the prospective adoptive parents custody of the child before the adoption is completed. Complete background and home studies are required before the court will grant an adoption. The birth parents are granted certain rights in a direct adoption such as the right to have independent counsel, and the right to counseling after the adoption. The birth parents also must sign a consent to the adoption, typically in front of two witnesses, or a judge.

Challenges and Benefits of Direct Adoption

Direct adoptions can provide many benefits over adopting through an agency, but they also present unique challenges. Failure to follow the rules of the court can result in increased costs, delay in gaining custody, or in extreme cases, denial of adoption.

Making the choice to adopt is one of the most monumental and joyous decisions a person can make. Having a knowledgeable legal team counseling and guiding you through the adoption process allows you to focus on the newest addition to your family, while being confident all aspects of the adoption are handled correctly.