Domestic Abuse & Family Law

Domestic abuse often becomes intertwined in the family law process, either because one party committed an act of abuse against the other party (or the children), or because one party fabricated allegations of abuse in an attempt to bolster their case. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of work to uncover the truth behind domestic abuse – a truth that a court isn’t likely to uncover in the 20 minutes they may give a party to make their case for or against a domestic abuse Order for Protection.

Domestic Abuse Allegations and Criminal Charges

Allegations of domestic abuse can keep people from their children for years, get parties forcibly removed from their homes, cost them jobs and take away their rights to firearms forever. Of course, allegations of domestic abuse often lead to criminal charges as well. Before you attempt to represent yourself in a case where there are allegations of domestic abuse, contact an experienced family law and criminal defense attorney – the outcome of domestic abuse allegations can be devastating and will have permanent consequences.