What to expect when you attend the Initial Case Management Conference?

After your family court matter has been filed with the Court, most Judges will schedule an Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC). The purpose of ICMC hearing is for the Court to become familiar with your case and to determine whether the parties want to participate in an Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE). The Court will likely discuss how it is better for minor children if parents are able to reach an agreement, rather than have the Court decide. The Court does not hear motions or arguments at the ICMC.

Will the Judge make a decision the day of the hearing?

Following a Court hearing, Judges either rule from the bench or take matters under advisement. When a Judge rules from the bench, the Judge states his or her ruling in the Courtroom. When a matter is taken under advisement, the Judge does not make a decision at the hearing but rather issues a written decision within 90 days of the hearing or the last submission to the Court. The more complex the matter, the more likely the Judge will take the matter under advisement.

Information Packets

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Divorce Client Info PDF (electronic)

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