The decision to make a change in your family structure is scary. Everyone has heard horror stories of divorce and custody cases gone horribly wrong. The fear and frustration of the process often results in prolonged fighting and overwhelming attorney's fees. Families can be torn apart and children can be permanently scarred. A peaceful resolution is always the best outcome. It's not always possible, but it's worth the effort.

At Kelsey Law Office, our mediators are knowledgeable family law attorneys with years of courtroom experience. They understand not just the law, but the impact the law and litigation has on families and children. They will work with both parties to come to agreements that will best serve everyone involved and they will help parties who are at odds try to understand the other's point of view.

Early Family Intervention

For those in the very early stages of a family law issue, Kelsey Law Office offers Early Family Intervention. The goal of early family intervention is to stop the fighting before it starts by working toward agreement on as many issues as possible, as early as possible – before lawyers and courts get involved. The parties will work with two of our family law mediators (gender specific to each of the parties) to explore settlement options and work toward agreements. If the parties wish, our mediators will memorialize agreements in writing to create an enforceable mediated settlement agreement. Early Family Intervention can be used to address any or all issues in family law, including: custody and parenting time; child support; division of assets and debts; division of businesses; spousal maintenance; and parental communication.

The process of Early Family Intervention allows open communication and problem solving with honest and direct input from two experienced attorneys who are working to help both parties instead of put them at odds. We believe it is your first and best chance to resolve your arguments before they start. Your family, your wallet and your sanity or worth the effort.

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