I’ve been in a car accident, what should I do?

  1. Call the police immediately if there are injuries. If you are injured, seek medical treatment.
  2. If you later develop increasing pain, stiffness, or any otherwise unexplainable headaches, dizziness or nausea, see a doctor as soon as possible.
  3. Call your insurance company to report the accident and write down the claim number.
  4. Do not sign any documents or give any recorded statements to the insurance company prior to speaking with a personal injury lawyer.
  5. If you are able, obtain the following information after the collision:
    • The name of the driver of the other vehicle, his/her address and a telephone number;
    • The names of any witnesses, their addresses, and telephone numbers;
    • The name of the other driver’s auto insurance carrier, policy number if available, and a telephone number for the insurance claim department – this should be on the back of their proof of insurance card which all drivers are required to carry in their vehicles;
    • Make a note about the other driver’s car and if possible the license plate number;
    • The name of the police officer and the case number if a police officer responds to the scene;
    • Any other information that may be helpful about the accident scene;
    • If you have a camera on your cell phone, take photos of the damage to the vehicles.
    • If you have cuts, abrasions, or bruises, take photographs of any injuries.

When should I hire a personal injury attorney?

You should call for a free consult with a personal injury attorney at Kelsey Law Office immediately. Delay and time are not helpful in making sure that your rights to insurance benefits are protected. Don’t believe the TV commercials! Having an experienced personal injury attorney to guide you through the insurance claims will ensure you are treated fairly.

Your insurance company may call you right after the accident to request a statement from you, perhaps even the same day! Most often they will request that the statement be recorded and this statement may be used against you at a later date. Your insurance company will request that you sign authorizations so that they may obtain information about you. A personal injury attorney can determine what the insurance company is and is not entitled to know about you.

What is No-Fault?

In Minnesota, the no-fault law provides that your own insurance company covers up to $20,000.00 in medical expenses, and $20,000.00 in wage loss and/or replacement benefits following an auto accident, regardless of fault. Frequently, an injured person’s own insurance company will seek to cut off their no-fault coverage after sending them to an independent medical exam. If your insurance company requests this exam, you should contact Kelsey Law Office and speak with a personal injury attorney immediately.